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Rapid Alcohol Detox Programs

Rapid Alcohol Detox Programs

Rapid alcohol detox programs get you in and out as quickly as possible.

Many advances have come from a greater understanding of the biochemical and genetic basis for addiction to alcohol and as a result, rapid alcohol detox programs have become increasingly popular. Rapid alcohol detox programs provide a fast alternative way for individuals to overcome the physical dependence on alcohol and prepare for admittance into a long term alcohol treatment program.

Most often, rapid detox is used to treat various types of drug addictions such as prescription painkiller addiction, opiate addiction and addiction to heroin but a similar method has sometimes been used to provide a fast solution to alcohol detox. Traditional alcohol detoxification methods take anywhere from 7-14 days and are often likely to result in relapse because the individual must suffer from physical withdrawal symptoms for such a prolonged period of time. Rapid alcohol detox programs offer fast solutions that can result in the complete elimination of physical dependence on alcohol in under 48 hours.

Why Choose Rapid Alcohol Detox

The primary purpose of rapid alcohol detox is to safely and effectively rid the individual of any physical dependence on alcohol so that they can begin treatment for psychological conditions associated with addiction to alcohol or other drugs. Rapid alcohol detox is not a means to an end and should always be paired with a long term alcohol treatment program but it can provide a short, safe and fast solution to the alcohol detox process which for many is the most difficult part of addiction treatment.

Rapid alcohol detox works to eliminate physical signs of alcohol withdrawal so that an individual can safely integrate into an alcohol treatment program. By providing a fast solution to the withdrawal process, rapid alcohol detox programs are often more effective at helping addicts completely overcome physical dependence with minimal risk of relapse during the detox process. The procedure is designed to help individuals tolerate the withdrawal symptoms associated with alcohol detox more effectively while cleansing the body of toxins that are at the root cause of the withdrawal symptoms.

Rapid alcohol detox provides the alcoholic with a quick fix to a long term problem- alcoholism. While rapid alcohol detox should not be considered a cure all for alcoholism, this is a suitable first step to treatment for many individuals. Most alcohol treatment programs will not accept a patient until they have successfully completed an alcohol detox program and eliminated any physical dependence they may have on alcohol. A rapid alcohol detox program can provide a fast solution for individuals who are trying to gain acceptance into a long term alcohol treatment program.

Rapid Alcohol Detox Program Risks

Unfortunately, there are many risks associated with rapid alcohol detox which makes this type of alcohol detox program not suitable or safe for everyone. A rapid alcohol detox program places the body under great strain and this could cause problems with the heart or other organs. Individuals who are already sick, have heart complications, or who are not in good health should not seek rapid alcohol detox as this type of program may prove to be to dangerous.

Rapid alcohol detox could result in heart attack, liver damage, kidney damage and various other health conditions that may or may not be present prior to the completion of such a detox program. Before beginning any alcohol detox program it is advisable to seek the guidance of your physician to assure your own safety during the alcohol detox process.