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Painless Alcohol Detox Programs

Painless Alcohol Detox Programs

Painless alcohol detox programs could be the treatment you need to recover!

Painless alcohol detox programs use a series of substitute drugs that help to lessen the severity of the alcohol detox process providing a painless or virtually painless option for addicts. Painless alcohol detox programs are relatively new to the detox process but typically include many of the same methods of traditional alcohol detox programs only they also have a high use of medications to help alleviate alcohol withdrawal symptoms so that the patient is comfortable during the alcohol detox process.

Many people think of alcohol detox as a scary process that is plagued with pain and discomforts that an individual must just “deal” with or get over. While there are some discomforts that can not be 100% eliminated during the alcohol detox process many of the pains and discomforts associated with alcohol withdrawal can easily be treated with medication, therapy and various other remedies. Painless alcohol detox is possible.

The Importance of Painless Alcohol Detox

As with any type of alcohol detox, the major importance is that an individual who does not go through a safe and effective alcohol detox process is subject to suffering long term alcoholism and may not make a full recovery. Individuals who drink heavily or have abuse alcohol for a prolonged period of time will suffer various withdrawal symptoms that must be monitored in a medically supervised environment for the safety of the addict. Painless alcohol detox is important because it helps the addict to overcome physical dependence on alcohol without requiring them to deal with or cope with pain that may otherwise make the addict more likely to relapse.

One of the most common reasons for an addict to relapse and begin using again during the detox process is the pain that is felt as a result of withdrawal. This is true for many types of addiction including alcohol addiction and various drug addictions. When a painless alcohol detox program is implemented, the patient does not have to worry about being in pain and can focus their time more effectively on getting well.

Painless Alcohol Detox Programs are a More Comfortable Alcohol Detox Option

The human body naturally begins to cleanse itself of the toxins associated with alcohol consumption just a few minutes after a drink is taken. Unfortunately, when an individual has drank for a prolonged period of time or they have consumed a large amount of alcohol, the alcohol detox process can begin to be painful. The body withdraws from alcohol and as a result the following alcohol detox side effects are often felt:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Headaches
  • Body Aches
  • Tremors
  • Sweats
  • Achy joints

It is these very alcohol detox withdrawal symptoms that most often cause people to take another drink in an effort to get rid of these pains and discomforts. Painless alcohol detox uses a series of medications such as Acamprosate to rid the body of any physical desire to drink, Lorazepam to alleviate anxiety and seizures associated with alcohol detox, Clonidine to relieve high blood pressure and various other medications to help alleviate any withdrawal symptoms associated with alcohol detox. The primary purpose of painless alcohol detox is to help an addict overcome physical dependence on alcohol without having to go through any pain or discomforts that may cause them to start drinking again.