Alcohol Detox Centers

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Types of Alcohol Detox Centers

Types of Alcohol Detox Centers

There are different types of alcohol detox centers to consider.

Alcohol detox centers provide a safe environment for addicts to detox from alcohol and overcome physical withdrawal symptoms under the supervision and care of trained medical staff and professionals. There are many different types of alcohol detox centers which all provide different levels of service and types of treatment. Depending on the level of addiction, personal preference, budget and also whether there are other medical conditions or addictions that must be treated, one of 4 common types of alcohol detox are usually suitable for the addict.

Inpatient Alcohol Detox Centers

Inpatient alcohol detox centers provide around the clock monitoring and care for the individual during the alcohol detoxification process. Inpatient alcohol detox centers differ from outpatient detox centers because they provide a place for the addict to stay for the duration of the detoxification which usually lasts anywhere from 5 days to 2 months depending on the severity of the alcoholism and also on the medical needs of the patient. Inpatient alcohol detox centers are most suited for those who have suffered from alcoholism for a prolonged time or for those who have tried to stop drinking in the past and have failed.

Outpatient Alcohol Detox Centers

Outpatient alcohol detox centers do not provide 24 hour supervision but they do offer many helpful social services that can help an addict through the alcohol detoxification process. Outpatient detox centers may offer medical monitoring on a limited basis and physician support such as medications being prescribed or administered to the patient when they come in for treatment. Outpatient detox centers provide various social support services that are aimed at helping addicts find the help and care that they need to remain strong during the alcohol detox process.

Drug and Alcohol Detox Centers

Drug and alcohol detox centers provide treatment for both types of addiction. Many addicts require the help of drug and alcohol detox centers because they do not just suffer from an addiction to alcohol but also to one or various drugs. Drug and alcohol detox centers can provide treatment and help for both addictions concurrently so that an addict can safely eliminate all of these chemicals from their system and prepare for acceptance into a qualified drug and alcohol treatment program.

Free Alcohol Detox Centers

When affordability is of great concern, free alcohol detox centers can provide budget friendly services that help addicts to safely detox from alcohol without worrying about how they will pay for the treatment that they are receiving. While free alcohol detox centers may not offer all the different treatment options that are provided at more costly detox centers, they do offer medication based detox, social support services and a safe place for addicts to get the help that they need to overcome physical dependence on alcohol. Many local social agencies, churches and other community based programs provide free alcohol detox centers or assistance with paying for alcohol detox treatment when an individual is unable to afford such treatment on their own.