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Alcohol Detox Protocol

Alcohol Detox

Alcohol detox protocol is a traditional treatment option. 

Alcohol detox protocol is the traditional form of treatment for alcohol detox which is most often performed under the supervision of a trained medical professional in an alcohol detox center. Alcohol detox protocol outlines the very first step to alcoholism treatment and lays the foundation for long term recovery. Without proper protocol, alcohol detox can be difficult and dangerous for the patient which is why most alcohol detox centers have specified a plan for the safe and effective detoxification from alcohol for their patients.

Depending on the type of detox center than an individual is entered into as well as their own individual needs and desires, the alcohol detox protocol may include medications or it may be a natural, medication free plan of detox. Each alcohol detox center is different and each program outlines a specific alcohol detox protocol for the treatment of their patients. Drug free protocols may include social support services and vitamins as well as herbal treatments or alternative therapies during the alcohol detoxification process while a medication based alcohol detox protocol may include a range of medications that can help the patient by alleviating withdrawal symptoms or making them sick if they drink.

Inpatient Versus Outpatient Alcohol Detox Protocol

The alcohol detox protocol from an inpatient detox center will vary greatly from that of an outpatient detox center. Inpatient alcohol detox centers provide around the clock medical supervision and monitoring while outpatient detox centers can only provide limited monitoring and support. For the 95% of alcoholics who only experience mild to moderate alcohol detox symptoms, outpatient detox centers offer enough support and guidance but for the other 5% who experience severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms, the alcohol detox protocol that is underway at inpatient detox centers is of most help.

Regardless of where an individual seeks help, the alcohol detox protocol will be similar in that all protocol recognizes that alcohol detox is the very first step to alcohol treatment. Treatment for alcoholism cannot fully begin until an individual has undergone and successfully completed alcohol detox effectively ridding themselves of the physical dependence on alcohol.

While protocol may be different for every person, it is vital to the safety of the alcoholic to have some alcohol detox protocol in place prior to entering into any detoxification program. Medical intervention, social guidance and support are combined to help individuals overcome physical dependence on alcohol and prepare for entrance into an alcohol treatment program.