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Alcohol Detox Medications

Alcohol Detox Medications

Alcohol detox medications can help you overcome your addiction.

Alcohol detox can be very dangerous and even deadly if it is not done under proper medical supervision and with proper medication. Alcohol detox medications can help with a range of symptoms that occur during alcohol detox from mild to moderate symptoms to severe symptoms. With proper medical care and supervision, the right medications and of course time, alcohol detox can be successfully completed in a safe manner.

There are actually many different medications that are used to effectively treat long term alcohol abuse and physical dependency on alcohol. Many of the withdrawal symptoms associated with alcohol detox can be managed with the use of medications. The most common alcohol detox medications are barbiturates but benzodiazepines are also used as well as various other types of medication that can help to regulate everything from headaches and nausea to increased heart rate, fever and seizures.

Commonly Prescribed Alcohol Detox Medications

Diazepam Medication for Alcohol Detox

This medication is often prescribed to treat anxiety and nervousness that is associated with a range of medical disorders and conditions including alcohol detox. Diazepam, also known as Valium, can also be used to treat withdrawal symptoms by relaxing muscles and helping the addict to remain calm despite the discomforts of alcohol detox.

Clonidine Medication for Alcohol Detox

Often times Clonidine is prescribed to addicts in the event that the abrupt quitting of alcohol use causes high blood pressure. High blood pressure is a dangerous side effect of alcohol detox but under proper medical care and monitoring, high blood pressure can quickly be recognized and reversed or at least treated with Clonidine prescribed by a doctor.

Phenytoin Medication for Alcohol Detox

This type of alcohol detox medication is used to control seizures that can accompany alcohol withdrawal. Seizures are one of the more dangerous aspects of alcohol detox and must be properly treated to assure the safety of the individual. Phenytoin is often used in alcohol detox centers to control seizures and prevent future episodes.

Propranolol Medication for Alcohol Detox

This type of medication for alcohol detox is a beta-blocker that helps to reduce the strain that is placed on the heart. Alcohol detox symptoms will often include increased heart rate which can be dangerous and could even cause a heart attack if the strain is not reduced which is why many alcohol detox centers use propranolol to help the heart beat more regularly.

Lorazepam Alcohol Detox Medication

This type of medication is used to treat anxiety and certain seizures. Also known as Ativan, this bensodiazepine can be used to help alleviate some of the side effects of alcohol detox making the entire detox process go more smoothly.

Disulfiram Medication for Alcohol Detox

This medication is also known as Antabuse and works to prevent any pleasure from being felt when an individual drinks alcohol. Instead of drinking and feeling good, the addict will get nauseous and feel sick if they drink any alcohol.

Naltrexone Medication for Alcohol Detox

Naltrexone is another type of alcohol detox medication that will prevent any pleasure when an alcoholic drinks.

Acamprosate Medication for Alcohol Detox

Also known as Campral, this medication for alcohol detox helps to reduce any desire an individual will have to drink. This medication can help long after alcohol detox has been completed to prevent a relapse during the alcohol treatment process.