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What to Expect in Free Alcohol Detox Centers

Free alcohol detox centers provide patients with many of the same monitoring and support services that a paid facility will offer but at a rate that is even affordable for someone who has already lost everything to alcohol—free!  For those who are feeling as if they are already so far gone, so hopelessly addicted to alcohol and yet so unable to even begin to think about paying for treatment, a free alcohol detox center can help by providing the treatment, medical monitoring and care that is necessary to facilitate a safe, effective detoxification from alcohol in preparation for long term recovery.

What to Expect During Free Alcohol Detox

You’ve come to the conclusion that you need help and that it’s too much to go through the withdrawal symptoms alone—so you seek an alcohol detox center that provides medical care and support to ensure your safety and health during this difficult first stage of recovery—now what?

You can expect varied levels of support, treatment, medical intervention and care in free alcohol detox programs.  Some provide a residential setting that is much like a private facility and will offer around-the-clock medical care while others may provide limited outpatient support services to assist you.  It’s important that you know exactly what to expect during alcohol detox before you ever choose a free program (or a paid program for that matter) which is why we’ve put together this guide.

First off, here’s a list of things you can expect during free alcohol detox regardless of whether you choose an inpatient or outpatient detox center to help you:

  • Medications to help curb cravings, reduce withdrawals or otherwise ease the detoxification process
  • Medical intervention including the use of various treatments to ensure a safe detox from alcohol
  • Support either on an outpatient as needed or around-the-clock inpatient basis depending on the program
  • Guidance & structure this will vary based on the facility and may be very structured or not so much so depending on the terms of the facility itself

Free alcohol detox centers will provide varied levels of each but they will all offer support, guidance, medical monitoring and care.  Many free detox centers offer limited medications because these can become very costly but most will help you find a doctor that is covered by your insurance or a state funded program who can provide you with the right medications and medical care to ensure a safe and successful alcohol detox.

What are the Benefits of Free Alcohol Detox?

Free detox centers have their benefits over those expensive programs that many of us simply cannot afford regardless of whether addiction has taken over or not.  For most people, the most profound benefit of a free alcohol detox center is the fact that it is affordable—hey, it’s free! Aside from the fact that nobody can tell you that you cannot afford free, alcohol detox centers that offer free services are often very understanding of the situations and the real life stories that come from those who have fallen into the rut of addiction.  Many of the people who are staffed, including the counselors and therapists, at these facilities know first-hand what alcoholism is like and how difficult it is to accept that there is a problem which requires help.

It takes commitment, time and humbleness in order to accept that you have a problem with alcoholism and cannot afford private treatment—but that’s ok.  Free alcohol detox centers provide the first step in the addiction recovery process and can offer you the best chance at getting sober regardless of your ability, or inability to pay for private treatment.  Once you’re finished with the detoxification process, most free alcohol detox centers will then provide free referrals to long-term alcoholism treatment, support and care that will work for you.